What is Team Coaching?

Team Coaching is a process by which a coach works with a whole team, both when they are together and when they are apart, in order to help them both improve their collective performance and how they work together. It also helps the team develop their collective leadership to more effectively engage with all their key stakeholder groups to jointly transform the wider organization. Like One-on-One Coaching, Team Coaching is a highly dynamic process that leverages the inherent wisdom of the team and its members. The coach’s role is to ask questions, offer assessments and provide tools to enable the team to discover and reveal the answers to the issues and challenges that they confront. Typical team coaching engagement last for three to six months and involves a combination on face-to-face and virtual sessions.All coaching will be provided by coaches certified through a formal and comprehensive certification process (who have completed a coaching training program and have proven coaching experience.  The general goal of team coaching is to support the team in aligning their individual and collective behaviors to help the team achieve the results that are most important to them and their long-term success.

How Team Coaching Works:

  • Leveraging Strengths: Team members complete the CoHero Change Leadership Self-Assessment to better understand one another’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • Team Planning: The team participates in a workshop to better understand one another and collaborate.
  • Personalized Planning: Each participant creates a personalized leadership plan including coaching objectives as well as long-term leadership goals.
  • On-going Team Coaching: The coach participates in regular team meetings to identify challenges, co-create solutions, assess progress, and provide opportunities to practice new behaviors.
  • Assessing Progress: We conduct formal assessment to gage progress and propose next steps.

What are the Benefits of Team Coaching?

  • Increases Leaders’ Self-Awareness of Their Individual Strengths and Preferences
  • Helps Leaders Exploit Self-Awareness to Leverage Strengths and Compensate for Weaknesses
  • Assesses and Improves the Team’s Ability to Work Well Together
  • Promotes Understanding of the Team’s Leadership “Center of Gravity”
  • Identifies the Team’s Leadership Gaps and Ways to Fill Themdividual coaching.

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